CASK novices really stepped up

The Cayman Associated School of Karate held its second youth graduation of the year at the King’s Sport Centre on Saturday.  

Nearly 100 students from white through brown belt participated and successfully attained their new ranks. There were two graduation ceremonies and the CASK dojo at King’s was packed with family members viewing the class.  

Since 2006, chief instructor Sensei Greg Reid has been building the youth programme at CASK with hopes of developing a national competition team to represent the Cayman Islands on the world stage.  

CASK also offers women-only and adult coed karate programmes year-round at King’s. CASK also added a “soft style: Shaolin Tai Chi/Dai Chi” programme recently, which has had a positive response.  

CASK teaches one of the four main styles of Japanese karate in the world called, “Wado”.  

Sensei Reid said: “The nice thing about martial arts, unlike a team activity, is that you’re not trying to keep up with anybody else. You move through each level at your own pace. Martial arts provides a tremendous amount of success, skill and ability to each student on an incremental basis. Every student is an individual and has distinct needs and talents.” 


For more information about CASK, call Sensei Greg Reid at 925-3367. 


Junior athletes have an opportunity to experience traditional weaponry. – PHOTOS: SUBMITTED


Karate students are learning important life skills at the CASK school.


Maggie McLean is seen demonstrating excellent form.

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