Rauschenberg documentary to be shown

Those interested in taking a deeper look at assemblage art won’t want to miss the National Gallery’s screening of Rauschenberg.

The 1997 documentary explores artist Robert Rauschenberg’s landmark career. Rauschenberg began experimenting with revolutionary approaches to sculpture and painting in the 1950s and over the ensuing years became known for his assemblage pieces and his use of non-artistic materials.

Rauschenberg appears frequently, speaking in his studio and offering comments on his life that often end with his distinctive booming laugh. Friends of the artist as well as art critics offer their insights on Rauschenberg as both an artist and an individual.

The documentary contains vintage film footage, including scenes at gallery shows that were considered utterly shocking in their day, as well as clips of Rauschenberg over the years working in his studios.

The documentary will be shown in the Dart Auditorium at the National Gallery on Thursday, 11 July. 
Screenings are at 12.30pm and 6.30pm.