Celebration of Caribbean cooking

Outstanding chefs and bartenders from across the Caribbean were acknowledged at the Taste of the Caribbean festival in Miami. 

Barbados was crowned as the Caribbean culinary team of the year at the event, which involved 10 Caribbean nations. 

The Cayman Islands was not involved in the event this time but tourism association executive director Jane van der Bol was there in her capacity as a board member of the Caribbean Hotel Tourism Association, which hosted the event. 

She said she had been impressed with the quality of the entrants, particularly a goat dish from the Trinidad and Tobago team and a beef kebab in peanut sauce from the Bahamas entrants. 

Cayman has been involved in the event in the past and may get involved again in the future, she said. 

“It was an interesting experience. Even though we as Caribbean countries have very different cultures and different types of food, there were still similarities that make us all ‘Caribbean’,” she added. 

She said the Taste of Cayman festival, held each February, was still the gold standard for the region. 

“Talking to other countries at the event, they see Taste of Cayman as the model food and wine festival event.” 

Bahamas, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago picked up gold awards at the Taste of the Caribbean event, held at the Hyatt in Miami between 26 June and 30 June. 

Brian Lumley from Jamaica took the top individual award for a chef while Roberto Rodriguez from Puerto Rico was the winner in the bartender category. 


The Barbados team celebrates its victory.