Lobster Pot gets five-star status

The Lobster Pot has become the latest dive resort in Grand Cayman to be granted five-star status by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. 

The George Town operator received the distinction from the world-renowned dive training body in recognition of the quality and quantity of courses it runs on site. 

The five-star distinction is handed out by PADI based on various criteria, including the number of divers certified at the centre each year, the range of courses offered and the quality of the instruction. 

Inspectors from PADI visited the Lobster Pot earlier this year and the centre was told last month that it had been officially upgraded to five-star status. 

General manager Dawn Clerkson said: “I think this really shows we excel at what we do. People know the standards that PADI set and they know that a five-star resort is one they can trust. 

“We hope it brings extra tourists through the door. You could see it a little bit like a hotel. There is an extra level of expectation from a five-star resort.” Lobster Pot has recently undergone some renovations as a result of a fire at the restaurant upstairs from the dive shop. The restaurant has just reopened and the changes have helped create a new atmosphere at the dive centre as well. 

“We got a bit of a face lift as a result of the renovations. The terrace has been extended and we have a wide, shaded area outside which is great for teaching.” 

She said the PADI five-star status was a natural progression for the shop, which opened under its current ownership in 2008 at the site of Cayman dive legend Bob Soto’s original business. 

Ms Clerkson added: “This means they consider we excel in providing travelling scuba divers with memorable scuba diving experiences, customer satisfaction, scuba diver safety and underwater environmental awareness by providing professional and outstanding service.  

“All of us here at the dive centre take great pride in what we do, so we consider this recognition to be a great achievement.” 


Lobster Pot dive instructor Dawn Clerkson, right, introduces two new students to the world of scuba. The dive centre just got five-star status.

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