Elections Office reopens with new leadership

Supervisor and deputies formally appointed

The Elections Office in the Smith Road Centre reopened on Monday.

It had been closed the week of 1 July.

Election returns will be processed and available for review within 10 days.

Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell said the staffing of the office depended on the issuing of new contracts; previous contracts had expired on 30 June. Receptionist Gina Whittaker and office manager Tosca Connor are back on duty.

Mr. Howell also explained that, for workers in the 22 May general election, stipends continued to be processed last week. They are now ready for collection at the Elections Office, which is open 8.30am till 5pm, Monday through Friday.

During these hours, candidates’ election expenditures and revenues for the 2013 general elections may be inspected.

Mr. Howell noted that the summary of Candidate Expenses is also posted on the Elections Office website, www.electionsoffice.ky

The appointment of Mr. Howell as Supervisor of Elections was announced in April, along with the naming of Suzanne Bothwell and Sheena Glasgow as deputy supervisors. However, the formal completion of those appointments did not take place until 3 July.

They succeed Kearney Gomez, Colford Scott and Orrett Connor, who retired when their contracts ended on 30 June.