Mora wound up over light winds

Local kite racer Jhon Mora did well at the European Championships in Gizzeria, Italy.

Mora represented the Cayman Islands and placed 14th of 77 competitors.

“I was expecting better winds, but we just had that on the first day when I was sixth overall,” said Mora, a 34-year-old Colombian. “Then the wind got light and it was very tactical on the starts and hard to overtake people.

He added, “I had really good races when the wind was up, placing fourth, fifth and, in one race, I was winning. But I got a fishing line tangled on my fins and I had to get off the board to take it out and finished sixth. I know this is a good result, but I was expecting a top-five or top-10 placing.

“The most important thing is that the Cayman Islands is starting to be recognised on the kite world scene and this can attract more tourism to the islands.”

Mora returned to Grand Cayman on Tuesday for 10 days, and is scheduled to train in Colombia for two months to prepare for the world championships in China.

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