Alvarez has weighty issues

Floyd “Money” Mayweather loves abusing and intimidating opponents. But Saul “Canelo” Alvarez evidently is barely bothered by the constant taunting from the brash American.

That’s because, although only 23, Alvarez is also unbeaten in 42 bouts, including 30 knockouts, and knows that he will have the advantages of youth and strength when they fight in Las Vegas on Sept. 14.

Mayweather, 36, is unbeaten too in 44 fights, including 26 KOs. He has insisted that the fight is made at 152 pounds, hoping that Alvarez will come in weight weakened. It’s a light-middleweight fight and that division’s limit is 154 pounds. Last week, Mayweather weighed only 150 pounds, but the Mexican was 166 pounds and already trim.

Mayweather never misses a trick when making matches and this is another ploy to ensure an opponent has had to make unreasonable concessions to fight him.

Meanwhile, Mike Tyson has admitted that he is still struggling to stay away from drugs and alcohol, and could die soon unless he fully controls his addictions. His fight for sanity, inner peace and stability remains, a far greater test of character than when he was in the ring.

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