Balancing stress, banishing blockages


For those who have not fully embraced complementary or alternative therapies, terms like energy balancing, psychic healing and releasing blockages can be a bit too hippy dippy to be convincing. Perhaps that’s why Dale Avery, owner of Natural Balance, calls the service she offers plain old stress reduction. 

It’s obviously more than that, though, as she has clients who visit every month, or every six months, even if there is nothing in particular wrong. In Canada, she says, she worked with clients who were ill, some even at the end-of-life stage of a disease. The treatments she gave provided relief from the physical pain and allowed them to find some acceptance of the inevitable in their final days. 

What she offers at Natural Balance, from her new premises in Earth Close, Coconut Plaza, is not medical treatment. She offers no diagnosis and no cure. Rather, it’s what she calls energy work.  

There is no specific name for her particular brand of therapy, as she has drawn on years of experience in counseling, coupled with Reiki and Body Talk training, and uses elements of all of these to help her clients relax and de-stress. Ultimately, though, it’s about identifying and releasing blockages or low energy, she says.  

If you are not comfortable with the ‘energy talk,’ mentally translate ‘blocked energy’ as pain or discomfort and it suddenly becomes easy to understand: Avery describes lots of runners getting energy stuck in their knees. Her treatments can shift and release that energy, she explains. 


Beyond the physical  

It’s not only about what ails you physically though. Emotional problems are also dealt with extremely quickly, and with no fuss at all.  

Using a solid, no-nonsense Western analogy, Avery likens our physical and emotional problems to a computer that has become overloaded, causing it to malfunction. What she does is reboot the system. 

“Some people think I am a psychic,” Avery says. “They think I can see things that others can’t. But I’m not. I’ve just been doing this a long time and I can read people’s bodies, and that tells me what they need.” 

I nod sagely from my seat on the other side of the room. Pffff, psychic indeed, my cynical self thinks. Reading bodies. Ha.  

“With you, for example, it’s your lungs,” she says.  

Whoa – where did she get that from? How did she know? I hadn’t said a word. Surely that’s not visible on the outside?  

This, however, is what Avery does.  

A typical treatment will last around an hour and takes place in a calm, quiet room, much like a massage room. I lie on the bed fully clothed and she places one hand on my belly and the other under my wrist.  

Every now and then she flicks my wrist. This, I learn, is muscular testing, and by asking a series of questions of the patient’s body and interpreting the answer from the reaction of the flicked wrist, she pinpoints the areas in which one has blockages.  

Then, switching hands, she gently taps on my shoulder and the top of my head. This apparently ‘fixes’ faulty circuits and ‘stores’ the new programming.  

It’s quick, simple and barely perceptible at the time. But within a few minutes she has opened up my lungs, tweaked some aspects of my general outlook and sorted out my memory. How she knew where and what to tackle I have no idea. 

I can’t say immediately whether I feel any different as a result of the treatment. Perhaps time will tell. What I do know is that my curiosity has been piqued, and I am certainly considering returning for a longer, more complete session.  


Muscle testing allows Avery to ‘read’ the body and identify problem areas.

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