NCVO assist overseas students

The John Gray Memorial fund committee has awarded grants to nine student studying overseas.  

Christopher Bodden, Monyque Brooks, Stephany Durksen, Adam Ebanks, Candace Hylton, Racquel Rankin, Mickyle Brooks, Adrian McKay and Timothy Wesley received US$1,500 from the Class of ‘69 and funding from the National Council Volunteer Organization to assist with college and university expenses. 

The grants are intended for expenses such as books, accommodation and transportation and to help those who may need funding for tuition through government grants or other means. 

Six of the students are past recipients of the grant; all are maintaining high GPAs and must maintain a minimum of 3.0 in order to continue to receive funding. The other three applicants are first-time recipients. 

The students are studying a wide range of courses, including business administration, cytotechnology, hospitality management, accounting and social work. 

Funds are granted each year to young Caymanian students who wish to attend college or university but have insufficient funds to cover their living expenses. This year, a total of US$19,500 was distributed to applicants, according to the National Council Voluntary Organization.  

Recipients are encouraged to become involved in their community through volunteer work. 

The grant, named in honor of the late Rev. John Rae Gray, who passed away on Jan. 30, 1992 is a former executive member, minister and high school principal.  


Committee members, from left, Janice Wilson, Olive Miller, Elizabeth Schofield, Charles Farrington and Alta Bodden-Solomon.