Cheap flights on offer from Britain to Cayman

British Airways is running a seat sale between London Heathrow and Grand Cayman, offering return flights for £710.

The offer stands for anyone who books between Sept. 11 and Sept. 24 for flights through to summer 2014.

“There is no better time to persuade friends and relatives to pay a visit to the Cayman Islands than now. As the U.K. summer draws to a close and autumn sets in, the British Airways Sale has gone live with some fantastic offers on flights,” said a Cayman Islands Department of Tourism news release.

“These savings, combined with the enticing draw of an escape from the British winter to Cayman’s legendary warm turquoise waters, white sand beaches, spectacular snorkeling and diving, and of course the friendly ‘Caymankind’ welcome should prove an irresistible draw for British and European friends and family,” said Shomari Scott, director of tourism. “I encourage all of our residents who have friends and family members in the U.K. to spread the word on this exceptional offer which is good for travel up to next summer.”


  1. I’m not sure 710 return is cheap, I can remember when the BA flights were half that price.

    But what I find odd about this PR is that Mr Scott failed to comment on the deals being offered by BA for flight and hotel packages. Right now these will also give visitors a useful discount on accommodation at six leading hotels and surely that was worth a mention?

    Sadly, it is silly omissions like this that again raise questions about whether or not DoT are up to the job of promoting tourism in the Cayman Islands.

  2. What I find strange is that the cost of a return ticket using BA from Cayman to London is quite a bit higher than the cost for a return from London to Cayman.

    It’s the same plane and same route going either way. Using today’s exchange rate of 1.59, 710 is US1,129. Today the BA site is advertising return pricing from Cayman to London starting at US1,244, although this price I believe involves a stop at Miami – for the more direct (i.e. via Nassau) route the price is even higher.

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