Dart aiming to boil Crabbies

Coed softball is entering the home stretch

The 2013 Fall Adult Coed Softball League is entering week nine of its 12-week season at the Field of Dreams facility. Put on by the Cayman Islands Little League Association, matches are taking place throughout the week across three divisions. 

An intriguing inter-league double-header starts it all off today at 8 p.m. On field three, A.L. Thompson’s Hammers battle Master Batters, while Rackam’s Crabbies challenge Dart on field four. The last available standings saw Hammers near the bottom of the A League ranks, while Master Batters were firmly in the middle of the B League pack. Rackam’s were in the B League cellar, while Dart, with talents like Dario Rivers, was riding high atop the C League. 

Those games come after another interesting week of matches. Last Wednesday saw an inter-league double-header as PwC B beat Coors Light Chuggers, 7-6, in a clash of 2013 winter season champions, while Saxon G-Force defeated BritCay Premiums, 19-13. PwC, with talents like Shane Wanotch and Ryne Staback, went into the contest third in the B League, while Coors Light, with the likes of Chris Larkin, were near the bottom of the A ranks. 

Casey Goff and G-Force, which remains third in the C League at 3-4-1, pulled the upset over Kenneth Davis and a 4-4 Premiums team that ranked second in the B League. It was an offensive showcase throughout with both teams producing multi-run innings. Saxon had strong hitting from Erwin Freeland and Kevin Morales, while BritCay countered with the likes of David Conolly II and Jamaal Anderson. 

This reporter had his setbacks with a strikeout and average fielding for Saxon. But the hustle shown to stretch a single to center field into a double and motor around the bases to score a run made for another respectable outing. 


Dario Rivers ignites the Dart offense. – PHOTOS: MATTHEW YATES


Erwin Freeland intimidates many pitchers for Saxon.


Chris Larkin is part of a struggling Chuggers team.


Ryne Staback has PwC in contention.