East End Boys take down Killers

East End earned fresh bragging rights in dominoes.

The grand finale of the Western Union Hot Smax Domino tournament held at the Mango Tree Restaurant ended on a high note for team East End Boys, who were crowned as Grand Cayman’s domino kings.

Described as a match of “epic proportions,” East End players Edwin Fisher and Lewis McLaughlin had to fight until the last game to snatch the $1,500 first prize from team Killer, Eli Plummer and Mama, who walked away with $1,000 as the second place finishers.

Teams I Don’t Care, with Michael Whittaker and Syd Parsons, and Win it All, with Patrick Beersingh and Jason Baker, matched wits for the third place prize of $500, which I Don’t Care won after another keen contest. Most of those names might be familiar as regular participants in the Cayman Islands Domino Association national league.

The four-week Hot Smax Domino tournament was the brainchild of popular radio station Hot 104.1, which issued a challenge to listeners to find the best domino team in Grand Cayman. With an enthusiastic response from domino fans, an exciting tournament was organized, supported by Western Union as title sponsor.

Over the course of two weeks, teams converged at Pirates Cove in East End and Singh’s Roti Shop in George Town to play to make it into the semifinal round. The Rooftop Lounge on Mary Street would stage the semis.

In the first of two matches, Win It All couldn’t live up to its name and were beaten by East End Boys for a place in the final.

In the other match-up, Killer duly dispatched I Don’t Care to square off against East End Boys for the title.

“We were overwhelmed by the massive support that this domino tournament generated,” said Program Director Chuck Taylor of HOT 104.1. “We always knew that there were some serious domino players on island, but to see the kind of energy and determination the teams brought to the tournament was quite amazing.

“Everyone at HOT 104.1 is proud to have organized this tournament, which was a great entertainment event for all domino fans. Our thanks go to Western Union, whose generous support made this possible.”