Forster catches huge tuna

Stu Forster and Jarrett Nicholson are the latest stars in local fishing. 

The duo, fishing aboard Tuna Monster, lived up to their boat name with a massive 72.5 pound yellowfin tuna over the weekend. It was the biggest catch at the 10th annual Rooster Shootout fishing tournament. 

As a result, the crew took home US$4,000 for producing the heaviest tuna and an additional US$500 for the rookie boat award. Tuna Monster were part of the District Cup-winning contingent of West Bay anglers. The other top point-getters were Fish-a-Holic and Outcast. 

The three heaviest catches were all tunas as Vince Ramgeet of Fish-a-Holic had 65.9-pound tuna and Caroline Paffenroth of Hog Heaven nabbed a 56.6-pound fish. Wahoos, which are just coming back into season, ran quite large as Randy Ebanks of Knotty Buoy had the heaviest at 57.5 pounds, Daniel Stewart of Outcast had a 46.7-pound catch and Justin Ebanks of Blue Moon placed third with a 34.4-pound wahoo. 

A number of boats also hooked dolphins. Dwayne Lee of Knotty Buoy had the heaviest catch at 24.5 pounds, Douglas Ebanks of Blue Moon had a 19.5-pound catch and Greg Hall of On a Line had a 15.2-pound fish. 

For all three species, the heaviest catch took home US$4,000 and the second heaviest earned US$2,000. A Jackpot Calcutta, that offered at least US$1,500 for each type of fish, was also on offer. Blue Moon had a 24.5-pound dolphin, 34.4-pound wahoo and 25.5-pound wahoo throughout the tournament. Sir Peanut produced a 22.4-pound wahoo on day one, On the Line caught a 15.2-pound dolphin on day two and Hog Heaven nabbed a 56.6-pound tuna on day three.  

The lady angler award went to Paffenroth for her tuna, Knotty Buoy won the Grand Slam prize with 116.5 pounds of fish: the biggest catches were a 34.5-pound tuna, a 57.5-pound wahoo and a 24.5-pound dolphin. Joshua Ebanks of Knotty Buoy won the Bimini Start award and the Captain’s Prize of a Tudor watch went to Will Jones of Chasin Broads, as the crew weighed 243.5 pounds of fish. 


The tournament’s awards ceremony is slated for 7 p.m. this Saturday at Grand Harbour. 


Stu Forster and Jarrett Nicholson weighed a monster tuna. – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES