Cayman DJ goes very international

Bringing sounds, music, visuals and ultimately people together is a great skill to have. 

And right here in Cayman, we’ve got talent in spades. The latest and hottest blender of entertainment is DVJ Carter, who has signed a contract to be the official Lo Maximo Productions DJ for the New York sector. 

“This is something no other DJ from the Caribbean has done, excluding Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo,” according to Carter. 

“Going forward, I will be touring and on journeys all over North America (U.S. and Canada) and in the near future, Europe.” 

He made his name in Cayman with parties such as Caliente, Picante and Rumba with a Latin-focused sound, as well as his entertaining through a house and electro tinge of a more expatriate market, he tells us, at Obar. More than this, however, he was a pioneering video jockey, most notably at the Next Level nightclub back in 2005. 

Carter is known for creativity and the Rumba Total Mixtape series. 

In May he hosted the Mr. 205s Sensato del Patio concert at Elements, which was considered a highlight of the musical year so far by many who attended. 


New label  

His new label, more commonly known as LMP, is a Latin music label and DJ company that provides online entertainment, music and special events for its 20 million annual website visitors. That meansbetween 40,000 and 300,000 unique visits daily, with 77 percent of visitors from the United States and the rest from the Caribbean, Europe and Canada. 

Their roster has now reached more than 120 DJs worldwide, and their Latin parties, according to the company’s blurb, have kicked matters “to another level by setting the standard in parties by offering great music and upscale sexy feel and using the LMP website to host flyers and pictures of the promotional events, and receiving over 300,000+ people who party with us every weekend world wide.” 

There’s also a 24/7 online radio station, live shows and a host of collaborations and awards to boast.  

Carter has played in a number of places over the years including Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Miami, New York, New Jersey and Boston and reached Madrid, Spain, in January, 2012. As well as his work in Cayman, he hosts parties in his native Honduras, although he moved to Cayman as a youngster. 


Carter’s deal is just the beginning; expect great things to follow.  


DVJ Carter