Madison, 6, wheely shows talent

Kids emulating their parents in their sport is commonplace, but in Madison Ameline’s case, she is particularly unusual because at the age of six she is already an accomplished cyclist.  

Well, that’s not surprising considering dad is Jerome Ameline, owner of Revolutions Indoor Cycling club and one of the top riders on two wheels in the Cayman Islands.  

She started cycling at age 3 on a “like-a-bike”, which only has a wooden frame and no pedals.  

The concept, which originated in Germany, teaches a child the necessary core strength and confidence to balance on a proper bike with pedals.  

Ameline had her first experience on a road bike – sans training wheels – aged five. On her second lesson, she was off on her own and never looked back. 

Her first spinning experience was on the Revolutions Pirates Week 2011 float, where her real road bicycle was attached to a stationery trainer and she rode next to dad through the entire parade course.  

Her enjoyment of that experience led her parents to import a special kids spinning bike, which Madison often uses at Revolutions when she joins a class. She used her indoor bike to again accompany her dad on the 2012 Pirates’ Week float.  

For the moment, she enjoys spinning over cycling outside as she likes the music and she loves the climbing aspects of the indoor classes.  

There are few complaints about the seat or sore legs and she generally lasts about 15 minutes.  

She also does horse riding at her auntie Mary McTaggart’s riding school, The Equestrian Center of Grand Cayman. 

Madison is quite an all-rounder. She does gymnastics at Motions Unlimited, as well as ballet and tap dancing at Centrepointe Dance Studio.  

She started horse riding a year ago following summer pony camp, gymnastics when she was almost 2 and dancing when she was3.  

Her current goals are to gallop on her horse, do a back walk-over in gymnastics and to be allowed into a junior jazz class at Centrepointe.  

“Cycling has taught Madison general body awareness, and it is building good leg strength and cardiovascular endurance,” said Jerome. 

“She is also learning about anatomy as she asks for clarification on the names of body parts and muscle groups which she uses to execute the moves on a spinning bike.  

“In general, all of Madison’s activities now complement each other as they build core strength, balance, flexibility and coordination.” 

Her parents especially appreciate the confidence she gets from learning about each sport, her abilities and her preferences and they are hoping that she is developing a life-long appreciation for an active lifestyle.  

Madison attends Montessori By the Sea. Her academics are a priority and emphasis is made on the importance of sound nutrition and adequate rest.  

Jerome is married to Cathy Alberga, Mary McTaggart’s sister. At present, Madison has a weekly group lesson at the Equestrian Center and has participated in two gymkhana events. The next will be before Christmas.  

Alberga teaches spinning at Revolutions too. The couple actually met while riding their racing bikes, so cycling definitely is a passion of the entire family.  

“Cycling from a young age taught me how to be cautious on the roads, as a pedestrian, cyclist or driver,” said Jerome, 38.  

“You obviously learn about the danger of roads when you spend time on them. Madison is learning to stay left and to proceed with caution if a car approaches.” 

The Frenchman from the Calvados area in Normandy, has been cycle racing since he was 11 and participated in most of the races in Grand Cayman for the last 12 years. 

He represented the Cayman Islands in the Isle of Wight at the Island Games two years ago and won the Cayman Spring Classic title in 2012 and the following year.  

“I ride a minimum of 60 miles every Sunday and been doing that for the last 12 years. The Sunday group ride starts at 7 a.m. from Hurley’s, Grand Harbor, we go to East End and back through Frank Sound. 

“I also participated in the 24 hours Le Mans cycling event two months ago with the pilot Jerome Begot. We were a team of four riding on the famous Bugatti circuit. We finished 42nd out of 424 teams. We did the same event in 2009 and 2010.” 

His next event will be the Cayman Triathlon on Nov. 3 in the Olympic distance. Don’t bet against Madison joining him one day too.  


Madison Amerline loves her spinning classes.