Peyton heads back to Indy


Two years ago, many wondered if Peyton Manning’s best days were behind him. 

The elite quarterback was coming off multiple neck surgeries and the Indianapolis Colts released him fearing health concerns. The Colts would go on to land top draft pick Andrew Luck and Manning would continue his career with the Denver Broncos. Both clubs would benefit last year with playoff appearances. 

Success on both sides has continued this year, with Denver starting 6-0, while Indy is 4-2. Both clubs take center stage on Sunday at 7:30 p.m. Cayman time on NBC. Manning will take center stage, not just because of his past, but due to his current form. No one in the sport’s history has had a better start to a season than Manning, who already has 20 touchdown passes. 

By and large, Sunday’s result is an afterthought following the Colts’ dreadful loss to the San Diego Chargers on Monday. Indy’s defense appears overmatched against Denver’s high-powered offense. Expect the Broncos to win by 14 points or more in a contest loaded with drama. 

The other big Sunday game pits the 4-2 Cincinnati Bengals against the 4-2 Detroit Lions at noon on CBS. Cincy has a promising hurler in Andy Dalton, but an eighth-ranked defense has been the key while Detroit gave QB Matthew Stafford a big-play threat in Reggie Bush to produce a sixth-ranked passing attack. It’s a hard game to call as both sides look like legitimate threats, but homefield advantage should spur Detroit to a three-point victory. 

Tonight’s contest featuring the 5-1 Seattle Seahawks and the 3-3 Arizona Cardinals, at 7:25 p.m. on NFL Network, is worth watching. Numbers-aside, the game boils down to which defense makes the most plays. Expect Seattle to do enough for a nine-point win.  

Monday’s contest between the 1-4 Minnesota Vikings and 0-6 New York Giants at 7:40 p.m. is not that appealing and Minnesota’s run game will be favored to stomp out the Giants by a touchdown. 

peyton manning oct17

Peyton Manning should make a successful return to Indy. – PHOTO: AP