Rooster crows over Knotty Buoy

The fishing community came out in shoals to reward the best anglers following the recent Rooster Shootout.  

The awards ceremony for the 10th annual Rooster Shootout was at Red Snapper (formerly Brickhouse restaurant) in Grand Harbour last Saturday. 

The presentations come after the fishing tournament – sanctioned by the Cayman Islands Angling Club – concluded the previous weekend.  

Several big catches were made during the tournament. Stu Forster and Jarrett Nicholson of Tuna Monster nabbed a 72.5-pound yellowfin tuna, the competition’s biggest fish.  

Vince Ramgeet of Fish-a-Holic snagged a 65.9-pound tuna and Caroline Paffenroth of Hog Heaven nabbed a 56.6-pound tuna.  

Randy Ebanks of Knotty Buoy had the heaviest wahoo at 57.5 pounds, Daniel Stewart of Outcast had a 46.7-pound catch and Justin Ebanks of Blue Moon placed third with a 34.4-pound wahoo.  

Dwayne Lee of Knotty Buoy had the heaviest dolphin at 24.5 pounds, Douglas Ebanks of Blue Moon had a 19.5-pound catch and Greg Hall of On a Line had a 15.2-pound fish. Knotty Buoy also collected the prize for the largest overall catch. 


Knotty Buoy crew swept the largest single catch prize during the 2013 Rooster Shootout awards.