Thanks for the help

To the gentlemen who assisted me when my vehicle broke down recently: I may never know your names, though I want to thank you publicly for the kindness and unconditional help you offered me, as I was on my way to drop my children at school.

My vehicle suddenly became non-functional on one of Cayman’s roundabouts. You quickly responded, moved my car out of the way so that others could pass, and ensured my safety.

I am new to your beautiful island, having arrived last February. Since I arrived, you have welcomed me with utmost friendliness, graciousness and support. You have accepted my children into one of your schools, provided me with everything that I need, including beautiful sunsets, and welcomed me as part of your community.

On the day that I suddenly became stranded, you left your post at work, offered me assistance without hesitation, and quickly utilized your resourcefulness to diagnose the problem and advise me so that I could carry on with my day. While many might have turned away or not even considered an offer of help, you volunteered without hesitation.

Thank you for your generous spirit. I am grateful that your island is staffed with such wonderful people who have allowed me to work and live here in this beautiful location. Though days pass and things might seem uneventful, you have shown that you are a people of open heart, commitment and steadfastness.

I appreciate what you did for me, and hope that I can return the favor someday.

Suzanne R. Fetter