Murder mystery for the dogs

A local animal charity, One Dog at a Time, is hosting a pirate-themed murder mystery fundraiser on Wednesday, Nov. 13. 

The charity helps rescue dogs and puppies from the Department of Agriculture’s Animal Rescue Shelter, or dogs that require medical help but are no longer wanted by their owners.  

The event will be at Rackhams Waterfront Restaurant and Bar, George Town, from 6:30 p.m.  

“The event works best if people pay in advance so they can get into character and have time to sort their outfit out,” Paula Daniels, the event’s organizer said. “Each participant will receive a character that they will be for the night and ideas of how to dress, The characters then have tasks to complete during the night and have to try and solve who sent the murdered character to Davy Jones Locker.  

“It’s a fun event and a great chance to mingle and meet new people. There will be prizes for the best dressed and richest guy at the end of the night as well as certificates for anyone who successfully solves the crime.” 

In addition to the murder mystery, there will also be a raffle, with prizes courtesy of Jacques Scott, Caybrew, Sticks and Stones, Living the Dream and Big Daddys.  

Tickets are $30, which includes food, and are available from Rackhams and Cayman Animal Hospital.  


For more details, email [email protected].