Some light from gov’t

The Department of Commerce and Investment has posted on its website a list of current trade and business license holders in the Cayman Islands.

The government’s self-initiated move toward greater transparency is welcome.

The list, which is to be updated monthly, contains basic information on some 3,800 local businesses, including the business name, license number, license category, description and dates of license renewal and expiration. The level of detail is approximate to the information that Cayman’s General Registry already makes available online about overseas companies domiciled here.

When announcing the local business list, department head Ryan Rajkumarsingh said his office often receives telephone calls from people inquiring about the status of trade and business licenses. Posting the list online makes it easier on members of the public (who won’t have to call the department) as well as civil servants (who won’t have to field each request individually).

Proactively disclosing information promotes transparency and efficiency. That’s sound reasoning which should be followed throughout government.

By itself, the department’s list of local businesses is not a tremendous occurrence. Nonetheless, the new list is a positive development from a department that now has responsibility for multiple administrative processes, including liquor licensing, that have traditionally been dominated behind closed doors by appointed boards.