LIME launching faster mobile data service

LIME Cayman Islands announced 4G LTE services will be available from the end of November. 

Two years after launching 4G mobile service across the Cayman Islands, LIME is taking the next step in the mobile evolution to provide faster mobile data services on the next generation of technology, said Bill McCabe, CEO LIME Cayman Islands. 

The new service provides the network capability that the best smartphones were designed for, allowing customers to watch HD in real time and faster download files, he said. 

Customers will see speeds of between 40Gbps and 70Gbps, which means users will be able to run business applications from anywhere. The spectrum that LIME Cayman Islands will use to deliver 4G LTE will bring significant benefits with much improved indoor coverage and quality of service, according to LIME.  

“It will open up a new horizon of opportunities for all sorts of wireless applications that will simplify lives, keep people better connected and even change the way we work and play. LIME is committed to providing a first-world infrastructure to these islands which will ensure we can compete globally,” Mr. McCabe said.