Hip operation offers less pain and faster recovery

A surgical hip replacement technique that is less painful and results in shorter recovery times for patients is being carried out in Cayman.

The surgery involves effectively cutting between two muscle groups and pushing muscle mass aside rather than cutting through the muscle mass to insert the replacement hip bone.

One such operation was carried out last week at the Cayman Islands Hospital on a patient by Dr. Pervez Ali, a visiting surgeon at the Cayman Orthopaedic Group.

While he has been doing these surgeries in Canada, where he is usually based, this is the first one he has performed in the Cayman Islands.

“The procedure is relatively new even in the United States and Europe,” said Dr. Ali.

The surgery is known as an “anterior approach” and takes about two hours to perform, about half an hour longer than the standard procedure in which tendons and muscles are cut to access the hip area, he explained.

This approach involves the surgeon making an incision at the front of the hip, rather than at the side and back as in a standard hip replacement operation. It enables the surgeon to reach the hip socket without cutting through any major muscle groups.

As muscle and tendons are not severed, the recovery time is shorter and patients are able to move around and experience less pain than with the standard surgery.