Purple Dragon’s spirit kicks in

The Purple Dragon Karate School gave a fantastic demonstration of power, skill and speed at the Christmas Parade in honor of the late Susan Barnes.

The open-air entertainment at the Crescent in Camana Bay on Saturday was the ninth staging of the annual show and performed in memory of Barnes and the wonderful work she did for the arts, specifically, and the Cayman Islands community.

Barnes always included Purple Dragon as part of her program.

“She passed away earlier this year from cancer, and we wanted to honor her be giving our best performance at this event,” said Sensei Floyd Baptiste.

The 15-minute demonstration came after a series of short performances by children who sang and danced, entertaining the audience for more than an hour.

From novice women who have just joined Purple Dragon, to senseis who have been in the sport for decades, they demonstrated their skill with spectacular action.

The final segment involved Purple Dragon kids closing the show with an interpretation of the Christmas spirit, as Santa Claus looked on in amazement.

The show included Sensei Leonard Lewis demonstrating dynamic martial arts form, two women in street clothes from the self-defense program showing how to effectively stop an attack and Sensei Floyd’s son Dante demonstrating an extreme double sword form.