Bon Vivant donates food processor to Pines

Cynthia Hew, owner of Bon Vivant – Better Living Kitchens, donated a much needed food processor to The Pines Retirement Home earlier this year.

The residents at The Pines are experiencing new culinary delights such as smoothies and freshly squeezed fruits. The kitchen staff, now in possession of a Breville Sous Chef Food Processor, can prepare quickly, foods for residents who are restricted to a soft food diet.

Mrs. Hew said that “every year, we look for opportunities to give back to our community. When Carol Hay, one of our regular customers, told us that The Pines could use a newer food processor to prepare soft foods, we knew right away that our Breville Sous Chef Food Processor would fill their needs.”

The processor is a mixer, blender and a food processor.

“Not only has the Sous Chef reduced the preparation time required to prepare such meals, it has allowed our residents to experience a much wider variety of nutritious and healthy foods,” said Lynda Mitchell, the Pines interim manager.

“As our budget does not always allow for such a luxurious purchase, we rely heavily on support from within the community. We are extremely grateful to Mrs. Hew for her generous donation, and the Sous Chef will get plenty of use,” she added.