Pupils focus on reading

During Reading Week, Prospect Primary Years 1-4 students got an opportunity to brush up on reading skills with the help of John Gray High School students.

Twenty-two 8T students, forming eight different groups, read to students who were very keen to make the experience interactive. The reading day also provided small prizes as rewards to students for getting answers correct about the stories that they had just heard.

Under the theme “Seeking the unknown through reading,” students got information about the author of the week, Charles Dickens, during the literary activity.

The students, accompanied by teacher Audrey Gayle, created various children’s stories for younger readers which explored topics of the solar system, space, the ocean, mermaids and planes.

Teen Read Week is an annual initiative in government high schools that gives students an opportunity to focus on their reading skills and be exposed to a variety of sessions. These was something for all ages, from a poetry slam competition, book mark and poster competitions, to class-room door decoration, online book clubs, blogs and jeopardy for students participation.

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the time at Prospect Primary and were grateful that they had the permission from Mrs. Bell, the principal, and her staff to allow this event to take place,” said Lyneth Monteith, high school principal.