On the life of Mandela

We congratulate you as the father figure of the world, and for the emancipation from the apartheid regime, and fighting for freedom and justice and equal rights for all the oppressed races, for which you were alleged to commit “high treason” and incarcerated for 27 years, and “thank God” were released after 27 years, unconditionally.

And then returned to the free world to become (PTP) from prisoner to President, and did so by putting the past behind, without hatred, revenge or animosity.

And therefore have become beloved by the world.

And with all condolences from the Cayman Islands people, authority and prisoners, we “thank you” for all that you have done for the people of the world.

Knowing that you have served 27 years, and I, William Powell have served 28 years, I have to send you my congratulations, observing how strong you were in God. And we “thank God” for giving us the strength to endure the tribulations.

And we all love you sincerely.

From William Powell and my pastor Mr. Mitchell. God bless the Mandela family and friends, is our prayer always.

William Powell