Rubis fuels Parkers to grill Burger Shack at the beach

The Parkers are the masters of beach touchdowns.

The squad would defeat team Burger Shack to win the Beach Bash flag football tournament over the weekend. Put on by the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association, the fifth annual beach competition saw the winning team feature the Parker family of Oliver, Cueme and Christsania along with Clay Coleman, Jennifer Cotarelo and Keisha Solomon.

Association president Maggie Ebanks said the event was a success due to public support.

“The tournament had 12 teams in total playing in a 4-on-4 coed format,” Ebanks said. “It was sponsored by Rubis with companies like NCI and Burger Shack sponsoring teams. Burger Shack is a fellow sponsor from the coed league so it’s great to see the ongoing relationships teams are building with companies.

“Thanks to all those that came out, especially those who played, supported and helped set up the fields. Even though it was hot, you still did it.”

Last Saturday’s competition featured some interesting team names like Going Deep and Beach Please. There were a few new faces like Cueme Parker and softball player Jordan Stubblefield. However, the tournament mostly featured dozens of established male and female players such as Baron Solomon, Ryan Smith, Tito Solomon with Tamika Byrd, Cassandra Bodden and Lisa Malice standing out for the ladies.

From here, flag football has its focus on the 43rd annual U.S. Flag and Touch League National Flag Football Championships. Games will take place, as usual, in Kissimmee, Florida, on Jan. 17-19, 2014 with the association sending male and female national teams for the eight-man and nine-man formats.

Afterwards, focus is expected to shift to the annual coed league in early February, the youth league in mid-February and the summer league in June. There is also talk of staging another Cayman Classic tournament in March.