A year of artistic success

Cayman singer/songwriter Natasha Kozaily reflects on 2013.

Daughter of Cayman, Natasha Kozaily is in typically lively mood as she reflects on a very successful artistic year. 

The singer/songwriter, artist and activist tells Weekender that 2013 saw “an awesome time of growth,” both in her work and personal life. 

“The press and feedback on my latest releases has been phenomenal and a huge leap forward in my career,” she says. 

“I also had the privilege of playing some amazing concerts with Coeur de Pirate, San Fermin and some other great bands like Holychild and Finish Ticket. It’s hard to pinpoint any bad moments because the lowest times I had were also the ones where I experienced the most personal growth.” 


New album 

It’s a typically thoughtful answer from Kozaily, whose latest album, “Serenading Renegades,” was released in 2013. It spans, she says, an interesting middle ground between the popular and the experimental sides of her muse. 

“It was a cool process because it was recorded in such a short period of time, 10 days, which really captured that moment in time. It was a real labor of love because a lot of the material for the record came from a relationship I had.  

“It’s a story of love from the beginning to the end, and what’s even cooler is that we recorded it together,” she says. 


Sense of a breakthrough 

There is a sense that a breakthrough of sorts has been achieved with the album, which, as ever, takes popular and traditional sonic and stylistic influences from her travels around the world. 

“I used to feel like I was pushing through with this load of water dragging behind me, and now it feels like the wave has pushed passed me and I’m being carried along,” explains the rising star. 

“The momentum and abundance of inspiration and growth that is taking place is so exhilarating. I feel this new level of commitment to my work, and it’s changed everything. It sounds chaotic, but I feel centered and grounded and stronger then ever.” 


Staying grounded 

Hailing from Cayman with Lebanese roots, Kozaily now spends time between the islands that are so dear to her and her base in San Diego, California.  

“I feel blessed to be in San Diego where I can pursue my musical career on a larger scale and still find the opportunities to come home and connect with my community,” she says. 

“It’s easy to get carried away in this big world, and returning to Cayman throughout the years has kept me grounded. I’m grateful to come from such a beautiful place that continues to provide me with so much inspiration and support.” 

Her hopes with the LP are that it continues to sell and reach a wider audience.  

Her favorite track is the quirky, lovely and surprisingly raw “The Tiniest Elephant in the World.” She says it’s a great representation of the continued direction she would like to head in. 

“The music is changing, as always,” she reveals. 

“[It is] going in a more experimental and spacious direction that I am very excited about! I’m extremely inspired at the moment by bands such as the Dirty Projectors, Alt J and San Fermin.” 

It’s clear that the Natasha Kozaily story is just beginning. Before we go, we couldn’t resist asking her for a quick Christmas cracker joke. Well, ‘tis the season, and all. 

“What did the sea say to Santa?” she asks us. 

“Nothing! It just waved!” 


“Serenading Renegades” is available at Books and Books, Pure Art, Cafe del Sol and Bliss Living and Yoga, and Kozaily says it is “a great stocking stuffer.” 
We can’t help but agree. 

Natasha Kozaily 2

Natasha Kozaily’s latest album, ‘Serenading Renegades,’ was released this year.