Opposition party rebrands itself

UDP now the CDP

The newly named Cayman Islands Democratic Party will replace the current United Democratic Party in the coming year, according to a statement released by the party chairperson Wednesday.

The political group’s first party conference will be held in January, when the change-over will be ratified internally.

According to Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell, the CDP was registered on Monday by local attorney Steve McField.

Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush remains the CDP leader and newly elected West Bay MLA Bernie Bush will become the party’s deputy leader as well as deputy leader of the opposition.

Current UDP chair Tessa Bodden will remain as the chairperson of the CDP. Deputy chairmen for the CDP will be Cayman Islands businessman Renard Moxam and Dr. Joseph Marzouca.

Ms Bodden said a new party constitution will be established and that the name change and new governing document were “viewed as necessary by the party’s general council in response to overwhelming public encouragement to modernize and move forward.”

In a prepared statement, McKeeva Bush said the change was about “growing and addressing the needs of the people of the Cayman Islands.”

“Now, more than ever, it is necessary for us as the opposition party to ensure that all the people of our islands be represented in a fair and equitable manner,” he said.

The United Democratic Party was beaten badly in the May 2013 general election, returning just three candidates to an 18-member Legislative Assembly.

Prior to the election, there was a split in the party membership, with a number of former UDP government members voting against their own administration and forming a separate political group just a few months before the election.

Only one member of the former People’s National Alliance, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, was elected to the assembly, where she is now serving in a largely non-voting role as Speaker of the House.


McKeeva Bush


Bernie Bush


  1. What a surprise! Rebrand is just an euphemism for trying to run away from and hide the dishonorable activities of the disgraced former Premier of the Cayman Islands, McKeeva Bush. Good try but every time you speak it makes one think, will he ever speak or act honestly.

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