Wayneroy tours, records in US

Wayneroy Randal’s had a great 12 months as he plans to conquer the music business. 

The Caymanian R&B, soul and pop singer has moved to the U.S. to pursue an impressive record deal which allows him to develop his sound and approach while retaining control – something that is all-too-rare in the industry. 

Weekender caught up with the rising star this week. 


How has 2013 been for you?  

2013 has been a year with a lot of mixed emotions, to be completely honest. I respect the artists that make this stuff look easy because it’s far from easy. In January, I was content. I was still working for the government while doing music at the same time. I had the privilege of performing for Heroes Day. I was working on my second album, which I would have released in July of this year. UAA reached out in March of this year and I signed with them in May. I moved to the U.S. on June 28. 

I traveled to Atlanta in August to work with the very talented Ronnie DRX for a new single for the label, and in November I went on tour, with the first show held in Orlando.  

I was well received in Orlando. They came out and showed love for real. There was suppose to be a Tampa and Miami show but as far I understand from the label’s perspective, there was some difficulty getting the venue for the dates they wanted. They have since been rescheduled for next year after Atlanta, New York, Nashville and California.  

September was production month, spending countless hours in the studio going through various sounds and progressions to find the right sound for songs for the second album – a total of 57 songs were counted two weeks ago as potential songs for the second album … I know that’s a lot of songs … and I’m still going. I wrote three more this week. 


Have you been writing much new material? Any release plans? 

Yeah I’ve been doing a lot of writing actually. I’m here in Virginia right now. I can’t write in Cayman for some reason. Being away from the island just puts me in a different state of mind, and the crazier my life gets, the more the words end up on the paper. It’s funny the way that happened because I remember having a conversation with Charles Gregory from Hop Scotch and he was telling me that the country band Rascal Flatts comes to Cayman to write because it’s so peaceful.  

Speaking of Cayman, I think sometimes we take our little island and its people for granted. This time that I’ve spent away from it has really made me appreciate it a whole lot more. In my travels this year, people pick up on the accent and when I tell them where I’m from, their response is always, “Aww man, I’ve always wanted to go there!”  

Speaking of travels … Time and distance always seems to test the bonds of love, and I’m telling you, it’s not easy to balance a relationship with all that goes down … so, of course, that leaves my brain and ends up on paper, it’s then recorded to come through your speakers. Most of the time, it feels like being stuck between a rock and hard place because the uncertainty of a future with the person you love and the life you have chosen for yourself. So after all is said and done, I end up writing songs with titles like “Bad Love,” “Thought I was Ready,” “Damage is Already Done,”, “Not the Way it’s Suppose to Be” and my personal favorite, “Crazy Love,” which was also an instant hit with the label. It was selected as the second radio single for next year. I can’t wait to release that one. I think that song will relate to a wide demographic as we’ve all been in a situation where the love was just crazy!  


How have the live gigs in Orange County been recently?  

Orlando was awesome. It’s an amazing feeling when people who have never heard of you or your music spend their time and money to come see you and become a fan. My shows are often geared toward the females, but I had to throw in some of the hip-hop sounding stuff for the crowd that came out. I’m looking forward to going back.  


So how far down the line are you with your master plan? 

Things are going well for the most part as far as the music is concerned. The music is coming easy, the label is loving the direction, I’m happy I’m still able to write and produce. The tour started off right, I’m really looking forward to the shows for next year. Honestly, I can’t put a time on the master plan. I’m really just into six months with the label and things have been moving at a reasonable pace. The second album is due out in July 2014. There are times though when the loneliness sets in, and I start to miss the people who really love and care about me. The industry is hard. People pretend to have your best interest at heart, but all they really see is dollar signs. All of a sudden, you start getting phone calls and messages from people who never contacted you before. They either want to use your status to go out to the club or they want to do a song with you. I’ve known people for years who never considered working together, but all of a sudden they’ve been “following” and “loving” my music ever since I started … and know all the lyrics to my songs.  


What does 2014 hold? What are the next plans? 

2014 is racking up to be a crazy year already. There are still cities to tour and recording for the second album. I have a meeting with the label before Christmas to discuss exactly what’s in store for me in 2014.  


Any collaborations planned/writing with other artists? 

Currently, there are no collaborations planned yet. We won’t know about collaborations until the elimination process for the album takes place. After that, we can tell which songs will need collaborations and which artist is best suited to be on the records. I will be working with other artists that are on my label, mainly the hip-hop artists. The label feels it’s best to develop our artists in house first. 


Any messages for the island folk? 

I’d really like to thank my parents, who have been the ones who have kept me grounded. They have really gone above and beyond to make sure that the transition has been an easy one. My management and team Garry, Nicole, Emily and CL Freeman, thank you so much for being on board. Special thanks to La Donna Lue, your love and support has been invaluable … If I were to ask for anything more, I’d be greedy.  


R&B, soul and pop singer Wayneroy Randal has moved to the U.S. to pursue a record deal.


R&B, soul and pop singer Wayneroy Randal has moved to the U.S. to pursue a record deal.

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