Celebrating Cayman’s heroes

Caymanians from all walks of life are to be honored today in a celebration of national pride and appreciation as part of the annual National Heroes Day festivities in Heroes Square, George Town. 

The theme of this year’s Heroes Day is “Cultural Heritage.” Receiving awards are cultural heritage pioneers as well as five individuals who demonstrated distinctive bravery. Laying of wreaths and a moment’s silence will be observed as recognition for the deceased National Heroes. 

The cultural pioneers were nominated by residents based on their contribution to the promotion and preservation of the Cayman Islands; they will receive National Heroes Day Awards in the categories of:  

The Early Pioneers Award is for individuals who made significant cultural contributions to the Cayman Islands prior to the year 1960. This year’s Early Pioneers are: Rayal B. Bodden, Claranell Christiana Connor, Crosby Collymore Ebanks, Ethel Ebanks, Leila Rosalind Ebanks, Samuel Matthew Ebanks, John Hooper Henning, Capt. Paul Adolph Hurlston, Julia Almeria Hydes, Marvelle McLaughlin, Phyllis McLean, Blanche Lyline Rankin, Marjorie D. Rankine, Turner H. Rankine, Annie Laura Walton.  

The Pioneers Award is for individuals who made significant cultural contributions to the Cayman Islands from 1960 to 2003. This year’s Pioneers are: Daphne Louise Ackermon-Orrett, Charles C. Adams, OBE, William Banker, Wray Banker, Leslie Bigelman, Honorary MBE William Dudley Churchill Bodden, Gladwyn Klosking Bush, Margarito Chantilope, M. Janilee Clifford, Carmen E. Conolly, Geoff Cresswell, Adelaide Erena Ebanks, Lily Anita Ebanks, Anna Consuelo Ebanks, Annalee Ebanks, Carlyle Ebanks, Joseph H. Ebanks, Rose May Ebanks, Albert Radley Gourzong, Helen Harquail, Ernest Carey Hurlstone, Bendel Hydes, Percival Jackson, Mary Jannet Lawrence, Andy Elton Martin, Herbert Delmoth Martin, Laurel Martin, Leathan Linburgh Martin, David Anthony Martins, Harwell Moncrieffe McCoy Sr, Dr. Frank McField, Alvin Allen McLaughlin, Florence Greta McLaughlin, Gleda Eulean McLaughlin, Heather Ruth McLaughlin, Eileen McLaughlin, Henry David Muttoo, Horst George Nowak, H. Edward Oliver, Arthurlyn Pedley, Dr. Philip Edward Pedley, Anthony Powell, Araunah Uriah Powery, Oswell M Rankine, Isaac Jeralow Rankine, Edmund Rex Scott, Diana Essie Scott-Driscoll, Janace Opal Solomon, Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette, Linton N. Tibbetts, Ira Walton, Esther Vernicia Watler, Vivine Elizabeth Watler, Joan Evangeline Wilson. 

The Emerging Pioneers Award is for the individuals who made significant cultural contributions to the Cayman Islands from 2003 to present. This year’s Emerging Pioneers are: Debra Barnes-Tabora, Denise Bodden, J. A. Roy Bodden, Ivan Burges, Randy Chollette, Christopher Christian, Keino Daley, Bergman Ebanks, Deal Ebanks, Saskia Jenna Miracle Edwards, Virginia C. Foster, Kevin Goring, Launa Green, Mark Hydes, William Kemuel Jackson, Natasha Claire Kozaily, Jerris Miller, Carla Reid, Samuel Rose, Alexander Urquhart, A. Joel Walton, and Brian Kirby Watler, Jr. 

The Memorial Scroll award is given to a deceased person who was a leader or significant contributor to the promotion and preservation of Cayman’s cultural heritage. Those awarded are: Susan Christine Barnes, George Whitecross Ebanks, Clifton Adalbert Hunter MBE, Judson Elbert McCoy, Capt. Keith Parker Tibbetts, Sr., MBE, Adina Whittaker, and Harvey Dalkeith Whittaker. 

The Long Service Award is given to a person (currently alive) who is a long-standing supporter of the promotion and preservation of Cayman’s cultural heritage for 10 years or more. These individuals are: Marlena Hilriege Anglin, Capt. Dale Banks, Luelan Samuel Bodden, Tennson Bodden, QPM, Dalkeith Bothwell, George MacLure Bothwell, Caris Bramwell, Lucille M. Douglas, Wilfred McCatric Douglas, Darwin Dennis Ebanks, Erna Jane Avillin Ebanks, Geoffry William Ebanks, Paul Darwin Ebanks, Thomas Ewart Ebanks, Maple Valentine Edwards, Radley and The Happy Boys Band, Reina Dean Jefferson, Alex Evangeline Johnson, Andy McCoy, Charisse Raquel Morrison, Marcia Muttoo, Elard Earling Myles, Tamara L. Selzer, John Bothwell Smith, Mitzie Tomlinson, Mitchell Welds, Archie Burke Clinton Whittaker, Audrey Whittaker, Carolyn Connie Mae Whittaker, Veda Cynthia Whittaker, Colin Wilson, and Grace Elnith Wright. 

Among the 54 Pioneers are individuals who passed away in recent years including: Helen Harquail, Anna Consuelo Ebanks and Linton N. Tibbetts.  

Today’s program is to include music productions, a parade, and the presentation of awards. The formal ceremony will conclude with a social gathering and cultural heritage displays at the George Town Hall, live entertainment, and refreshments.  

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