Airport queues

I have been a Cayman condo owner for over 20 years. The airport tourist congestion on Saturdays has reached a critical phase.

This past Saturday while waiting in the security line for over two hours, I heard person after person state they will not be back if this is the type of treatment they receive at the airport. The lines extended outside the terminal building and snaked around and around.

Unfortunately, this has happened repeatedly on Saturdays. Cayman is losing repeat business because of this situation.

It is a terrible way for people to end their trip to paradise.

I’ve had prospective renters ask me about the airport delays. Apparently this problem has made it to TripAdvisor. Not a good situation for an island dependent on tourism.

This situation needs to be addressed immediately!

Dale Reichley


  1. Of course people wont be back to Cayman. The airport is like that in a 3rd world nation. The cuisine at Owen Roberts is one rotten counter service with bad food, high prices, and you wait in line for this. The toilet facilities for women in the luggage area is one stall. When leaving lovely Owen Roberts you must trudge to the plane while dripping like a popsickle waiting for the turtle in front of you to move up the stairs, as there is no jetway in this very high tech airport.