Conservation law released

For the first time, the public is able to see the final draft of the full National Conservation Law, which was passed by legislators Dec. 13 but not published in the official government gazette until last week. 

The law, heavily amended from the initial bill that went out for public consultation, was signed into law by the governor on Jan. 22 and gazetted on Feb. 4, a day after the Caymanian Compass published an article about the delays.  

The bill was redrafted on the floor of the Legislative Assembly, with several of its opponents reversing their position and lending support to what they felt was a significantly different piece of legislation.  

The original bill had attracted criticism from some sections of the community, particularly landowners and developers, who felt their rights could be infringed.  

After three days of debate in the assembly, it took some 35 amendments, many of them brought by government, to satisfy the bill’s legislative critics that it posed no threat to private land ownership or the power of Cabinet.  

The next step, now that the law has been gazetted, is for Cabinet to issue an order for part or all of the law to be enacted. 

The National Conservation Law can now be viewed at 

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