Masters kick off

The long-awaited masters football league is back and players are excited about getting out there to compete after not having had an organized competition since October 2012, when former MLA Dwayne “JJ” Seymour put a monthlong schedule together with five teams. 

“The last champions were Scholars International and they dominated again when the Cayman Islands Football Association had its rally two months ago to start promoting the start of this new league,” said Seymour.  

“I look forward to this masters league and I will also play. It keeps me and the other players in shape and is good for our health.” 

CIFA has organized six teams: George Town, Scholars International, Bodden Town, Cayman Islands Referees Association, Sunset and Boca Juniors.  

The competition began last week and matches are always on Monday night until May 31. Players can contact Marcos Tinoco and Paul Macey for additional information.  

CIFA requires every player to sign a registration form along with a representative from the club. By signing the form, the player acknowledges that he is bound by the code of conduct.  

“We also need evidence of medical insurance for any person on a work permit,” said Seymour. “For Caymanians that do not have insurance, the insurance waiver can be signed in lieu of evidence of insurance.  

“Fans should come out and catch these games to see some of their favorite stars in action.” 

CIFA accepts the forms on the day of the game but prefer players send them as soon as possible.  

Games are 40 minutes per half with unlimited substitutions. Games are at Bodden Town field, TE McField Annex and the Ed Bush field. 

The next round of games are on Feb. 17 when Boca Juniors face George Town at Ed Bush at 7 p.m.; the referees play Bodden Town at the TE McField Annex at 6 p.m. and Sunset take on Scholars in the 7:30 p.m. game there.  


Dougie Rowe in action for Scholars against Bodden Town during the last masters league rounds. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD

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