CAL flights delayed after 'anomaly'

The immediate turnaround of a Cayman Airways flight to Cuba Monday afternoon caused hours-long delays in two of the airline’s flights to Miami later in the day, according to a statement issued by the airline late Monday.  

Cayman Airways flight KX-832 left Grand Cayman for Havana at 1:25 p.m. Monday and “experienced a technical anomaly” shortly after takeoff, which resulted in the airline captain turning the plane around and returning to Grand Cayman.  

“Cayman Airways wishes to advise that the anomaly did not constitute an emergency and that the captain accordingly did not declare an emergency, despite initial rumors to the contrary,” the airline noted in a prepared statement. “At no time was the safe operation of the aircraft in question and the aircraft … accomplished a safe and uneventful landing at 1:57 p.m.” 

The flight for Havana departed again at 5:30 p.m., airline officials said.  

Two Cayman Airways Miami flights between Grand Cayman and Miami were expected to be delayed some three and a half hours from takeoff time because of the issues on the Cuba flight.  

“As always, we know that the presence of emergency services for any landing causes concern for our passengers and the community at large, but we would like to give an assurance that the emergency services requested to be on standby in this instance, was purely precautionary,” said Cayman Airways President Fabian Whorms.  

He added, “Our highly competent operating crews will at times request for airport emergency services to be on stand-by when landings are being undertaken with even minor anomalies, and this is a testament to the paramount importance we place on safety.”  

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