Stepping up to a healthy challenge

Staff at the offices of the auditor general and information commission may spend their days searching through numbers, data and information, but as part of a recent fitness drive, they took part in a literal scavenger hunt. 

The hunt was held to celebrate the fact that they had collectively walked a total of more than 4 million steps in the annual “Workplace Walk-off Pedometer Challenge,” which ran from Jan. 17, to Feb. 7. In all, 22 staff members covered some 2,000 miles, or 4,274,972 steps, during the three-week challenge.  

At the scavenger hunt and prize giving event last Saturday, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson praised both agencies for their achievements and urged other public sector workers to take on the challenge. 

“This challenge fits right into our objectives of promoting wellness, a healthy lifestyle and teamwork,” he said. 

Audit Project Leader Ruel Huet nabbed two trophies, the first place for walking the most steps – 864,907 – as well as the staff medal for achieving 5,000 steps or more the most times per day.  

His colleague, Auditor Winston Sobers, came second with 527,561 steps. Meanwhile, Audit Principal Patrick Smith bagged the third place trophy with 390,518 steps.  

Other winners included Appeals and Policy Analyst Clara Smith, and Acting Deputy Information Commissioner Cory Martinson for “Biggest Movers” and Auditor Gay Frye for the “Top Performing Female.” 

The top four participants lost a total of 22.5 pounds.  

Auditor General Alastair Swarbrick, who also took part in the scavenger hunt, said he was happy to see his staff “better and fitter.” 


Every participant received prizes for successfully completing the walk-off pedometer challenge.


Auditor General Alastair Swarbrick, right, celebrates the more than 4 million steps walked by staff in his and the Information Commissioner’s office, to the applause of Deputy Governor Franz Manderson.

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