Moss slams Ultra

Local dominoes continue to slam forward.  

The Cayman Islands Domino Association held its latest round of matches in the 2014-2015 national league last Sunday.  

Island All Stars beat Ultra by 54 points behind Dwight Moss and Erick “Eli” Plummer, with Ultra relying on Sheena Taylor and Kristen Williams. The match referee was George Dixon. East End Mystical Youth clobbered Eastern Star by 84 points behind Barton Solomon and Edwin Fisher, while Lesky Dixon Jr., and Bothwell Bodden led Eastern Star. The match referee was Kelvin Dixon. 

Matches continue on April 6 as Eastern Star challenges All Stars at Eastern Star Bar, East End, while Singh’s Roti Shop in George Town hosts the Roti team battling Archies. 


Dwight Moss led All Stars to victory. – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES