Oxbridge boat race pulled in $300

The Cayman Islands Rowing Association hosted a barbeque at the Cayman Islands Sailing Club on Sunday in honor of the 160th Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race.

More than 50 people descended on the clubhouse, joining the rowers to watch the race on the big screen and to cheer on the light blues of Cambridge and the dark blues of Oxford as the two crews once again convened on the River Thames to fight out the latest installment of the 185 year rivalry.

Although both crews had a strong start, the race was effectively over after five minutes, when the Cambridge No. 2 man Luke Juckett “caught a crab” – putting the oar in the water at the wrong time which results in the oar flipping parallel to the boat. It brought their boat virtually to a halt, thwarting their chances of winning.

Although Cambridge fought on, Oxford had an almost unassailable lead and they pushed on to win by 11 lengths.

After the race, the spectators stayed on for Pimms in the clubhouse, a barbeque on the deck, and some of the braver (or more foolhardy) present decided to try their hand at a sailing competition.

Ben Webster proved to be fastest over 250 meters, while Robin Windhaber was fastest over 500m.

Organizer Bonnie Finnigan said, “We all had a good time, and most importantly we raised over $300 towards equipment for a new rowing beginners’ programme. Thanks to everyone who supported the event and particularly to Jacques Scott and the Cayman Islands Sailing Club.”

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