Purple Dragon warriors gaining added scholarship support

Purple Dragon teaches more than just martial arts, as evidenced by its ongoing scholarship program.

The initiative places emphasis on accountability and the youngsters involved are expected to show dedication by signing an agreement committing to regular attendance, timeliness, maintenance of school grades and behavior reflecting respect for individuals and property.

It is aimed at assisting youngsters who may be disadvantaged or unable to find the funds to participate at the dojo.

Purple Dragon’s Sensei Floyd Baptiste is pleased with the corporate backing the program is attracting.

“Our scholarship program is really gaining momentum now as an increasing number of corporate sponsors have joined us in assisting Cayman’s youth in such a positive way,” Sensei Baptiste said. “It is through the generosity of companies such as Dart that we are able to take young people who may not otherwise have the means to participate and work with them to develop them into skilled athletes, as well as productive and positive young men and women.”

Dart is the latest organization to sponsor the program. The company will receive regular updates from Purple Dragon teachers, parents, school and counselors, ensuring they are kept abreast of the performance of the students.

Juliet Du Feu, vice president of human resources at Dart, says the company wanted to be involved in a worthwhile cause.

“Sports programs of any kind are extremely beneficial for young people because they learn to develop so many important skills apart from the sport itself, such as the importance of discipline, good time-keeping and good sportsmanship, as well as developing mental strength,” Du Feu said. “The Purple Dragon martial arts program is an excellent opportunity for positive growth for Cayman’s youth and we are proud to be part of the scholarship program and assist a young person in taking part in this rewarding initiative.”

For further information, contact Cathy Williams at 916-9900 or [email protected] or Sensei Floyd at 946-1241 or [email protected]

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