United fans glad to see Moyes go

Manchester United fans are breathing a sigh of relief after the disastrous reign of David Moyes ended on Tuesday with his sacking as manager.

One fan in Cayman celebrating the end of United’s worst season in decades is Philip Hydes, former player and coach of Scholars International who also coached the Cayman Under-21 side.

“When Moyes was appointed Man. United manager last year, I shared with other fans in Cayman the view that he was not the right man for the job,” Hydes said.

“He was not the choice for any of us from the outset and I said in August that we won’t qualify for the Champions League next season and Moyes would be sacked before the end of the season.” Hydes, who has been a United fan since 1983, was absolutely right.

Moyes lost any respect he had with the senior players early on, prompting Danny Welbeck recently to consider asking for a transfer and Rio Ferdinand, Javier Hernandez and other players questioning on social media his ability to manage the side.

Hydes feels that there were so many indications that the 50-year-old Scotsman would fail, such as never finishing higher than seventh place after 11 years in charge at Everton, nor ever winning a trophy there.

Moyes also had no Champions League experience and the fact that he was taking over players used to Sir Alex Ferguson’s successful management and tactical skills was always going to make his tenure difficult at best.

“Moyes was definitely the wrong choice and he’s put us in a hole,” Hydes said. “Without Champions League qualification, we may not be able to attract top players now.”

Moyes made a hash of virtually everything he did, Hydes said, including buying Marouane Fellaini from Everton for $36 million who proved to be an absolute failure.

“I know it was not easy to replace Fergie but United is a huge brand and Moyes was simply not up to it,” Hydes added. “He was good at coaching the younger players but couldn’t motivate the seniors.

“Also, his tactical decisions were sometimes appalling. I remember in one FA Cup game when he made 10 tactical changes and they still lost.

“I’m happy to know he’s sacked but sad to see how far we’ve fallen.”

Hydes laments United not appointing the likes of Jose Mourinho last summer when they could have, or possibly going for Borussia Dortmund’s coach Jurgen Klopp who has already refused to be considered but may be prized away if the money is right.

United player-coach Ryan Giggs has taken over temporarily but finding a manager who can sort out the mess Moyes left will not be easy.

Hydes wants to see someone like Klopp or Atletico Madrid’s Diego Simeone come in now, or possibly Louis van Gaal, the Dutch national coach.

“This was our worse season since 1972 and the most points we’ve ever lost from a previous season,” Hydes said. “There are a lot of coaches out there who could do a better job.”

Now all United have to do is find one.

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