Rap star J-Nez ready to roar

The latest hip hop talent from Cayman is J-Nez, who brings his cultured, versatile flow on a new single and video release. 

It’s called “What I’m On” and features international scorcher Young Dro, signed to TI’s Hustle label, plus Jason Caesar. 

“I’m asking my fans and supporters to like, share my video link as it’s currently in the makings to appear on MTV, BET and Revolt. With your support, this can happen,” J-Nez tells Weekender. 

“‘What I’m On’ is a song that everyone can relate to; not everyone has the same views or opinions about working, but everyone shares the same views about their gratuity – cash moves everything around me – and this song speaks to me being focused on the business level,” J-Nez says. 

“I want to encourage my fans and supporters to take a listen to the song, and I guarantee you can relate to it. This was an excellent collaboration with two talented entertainers and has led to further projects on the horizon.” 

The video was directed by Mercy Hope and Gifted Minds, a video production company managed by J-Nez, Justin Rankin and Michael Mothen. 

“We started out with videography, shooting music videos,” explains J-Nez. “But now we are redirecting our focus and expanding in art in the form of visuals, drawings, clothing, audio recording, etc.” 

The rapper’s early musical forays were with CBR and DLS where tracks like “Be Eazy,” “Where I’m From,” and “Sky and Dear Father” were notable. Those two groups had success too, continues J-Nez. 

“We shared the stage with international artist Damian Marley in 2006 and Tami Chynn. We have been involved with community events such as CayFest, One-Tree-Four-Five clothing launch, local fashion shows, Miss Teen 2006/2007 AIDS Foundation awareness and many more events.  

“Since then, I’ve been focused on my solo career.” 

Inspiration, he says, comes from the strong women in his life – grandmother Rachel Edmonson and mother Sandra Rowe – whom he credits as guiding him as an entertainer and entrepreneur. Musically, he points to Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Luciano, Jay-Z, The Notorious BIG and R-Kelly as touchstones. 

That wide range of artists enables the exploration of different styles, he says, although if there was one major collaboration he could choose, it would be L’il Wayne. 

“I came up listening to Cashmoney Records and I have seen the transformation he made from being young star to the CEO of Young Money Entertainment,” says the Cayman rapper.  

Of the local scene, he says, “The music scene in Cayman has grown tremendously. Cayman has a lot of talent and I’m looking to work with local artists as I can understand the difficultly to be successful in the music business. I feel we can make a change, we just need to come together and take the world by storm.” 

You can see the video, hear the music and catch up with J-Nez on www.jnezmusic.com or through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


Caymanian hip hop artist J-Nez has released a new single and music video.

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