Reid promoting tai chi

Sensei Greg Reid is best known as a karate instructor at his CASK school at the Kings Sports Centre, where for nearly a decade he has nurtured the talents of many in the sport. 

Tai chi is a thriving martial arts sport too, having 250 million practitioners compared to 100 million in karate.  

But tai chi is generally viewed as a yoga-style, sedate form, mainly practiced by middle-aged and older people.  

Reid has studied tai chi for 20 years and he is now trying to change that concept because it can actually be a tough workout. Around 80 percent of tai chi followers are equally divided between men and women and the rest are children, said Reid.  

To ease newcomers into it, for the past seven months, every Sunday his free classes have run from 8:30 to 9:15 a.m. at the Crescent in Camana Bay in the more sedate version of tai chi. If it rains, they just go under the arch beside Michael’s Genuine restaurant.  

On Sunday, Reid had a bumper class to tie in with World Tai Chi Day. He was pleased with the turnout of around 40.  

“It’s all about movement and getting people healthy,” he said. “Tai chi is a huge sport, although stereotypically people think of it just being for older people. But it has quite a history and culture behind it.” 

Reid added that yoga originated in India and when picked up by the Chinese, it was refined into tai chi as a martial art.  


Sensei Greg Reid’s tai chi classes are growing. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD

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