Mayfest brings cultures together

The Bodden Town Heritage Committee is hosting a Mayfest multicultural event to bring the community’s diverse nationalities together.

The event takes place on the Discovery Day holiday, May 19, at the Harry McCoy Senior Park, Gun Square, Bodden Town from 10 a.m to 6 p.m.

“Every year, the event, which has been successful, brings together different cultures within the communities,” said Florence Wood, a committee member.

“It’s an affirmation of how much our country values and respects people from all backgrounds and loves coming together for a party. It highlights how the society is made up and brings to the forefront where we come from and also shines a light on people who work and live here.

“I think it is very important they know our culture and we know theirs. Another good reason for the event is to let our younger generation know we have a culture so they can also get involved. Everywhere else countries showcase their culture, but in Cayman we sometimes let the bulldozers destroy most of what we have,” she said.

The daylong celebration will feature many vendors showcasing the food, culture and history of more than 10 countries, including local island flair.

Activities will include a parade of nationals, historic exhibits and art exhibits, cultural displays, a cultural pick-and-pay shop, local performances, Mayfest Culture Queen, and a fancy hat parade.

“The event is free, but the raffle prize tickets selling at $10 gives someone a chance to win $500,” Ms. Wood said. For the best international or local booth, she said, the committee is thinking about presenting ribbons to the winners.

“We are small and not registered as a nonprofit organization, just operating on a controlled budget, so monetary funds are very limited,” Ms Wood said.

Most importantly, she said, “We are encouraging everyone to come out and have a fine time getting to know the different nationality of people of these islands.”

Money raised will help support the seniors home and heritage displays in Bodden Town and George Town, as well as future events.

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