Globe-trotting Barefoot off to Pacific islands

Singer, songwriter and author Barefoot Man, aka George Nowak, is off on his travels again. 

He reveals to Weekender that he is in advanced discussions to play a series of gigs in the Marshall Islands in faraway Micronesia. 

The archipelago is home to just shy of 70,000 people and is situated in the northern Pacific, around 2,400 miles south-southwest of Hawaii. To say it’s isolated is rather an understatement, we venture, as we ask the man himself how this tour, planned for November, came about. 

“Apparently the person who has made arrangements to book us is an avid scuba diver who has been to Cayman before and heard us back in the old Holiday Inn days,” says Barefoot. “He is also sort of a fan who has most of my CDs. He now works for the U.S. government tracking missiles in the South Pacific.  

“It seems most of Kwajalein Atoll is a military base – and it seems the U.S. government digs deep in their pockets to entertain their troops and staff overseas. He has also informed me that they have a large membership dive club there. In the past, I recorded several novelty style albums targeted at divers.” 

Barefoot labels himself as an “island freak and connoisseur,” so this jaunt will be merely the latest step in what has been an accidental career. 

“In my lifetime, I have traveled the world, seeking beaches, palms and sun,” he says. “As far as playing – I work hard these days at not working.  

“I have been to the South Pacific often – Hawaii, Cook Islands, Samoa, all through Polynesia, but never the Marshalls.” 

Travel time to the islands from Cayman is two days, but plenty of fishing and world-class diving awaits. The plan as it stands is for two or three gigs on Kwajalein Atoll, which holds an army base of 20 military plus 1,200 civilians, and an appearance at Roi-Namur, a tiny island in the archipelago. 


A church on Kwajalein Atoll.


  1. Barefoot man,my wife and I met you back in the holiday inn days. We purchased a CD, calypso classics. For the last 20yrs we have been putting on that CD every nite to fall to sleep to. No joke and no lie! You changed our lives. You are what makes the Caribbean the Caribbean. You better come back! See ya in cayman.

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