KRyS Global opens New York office

Corporate recovery and insolvency firm KRyS Global has opened a New York office to complement KRyS Global’s offshore presence in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas and Guernsey.

KRyS Global USA, Inc., which opened Monday, provides a wide range of restructuring advisory and capital markets services, primarily related to complex distressed situations. Specifically, KRyS Global USA will focus on three complimentary advisory business lines: financial restructuring and distressed situation advisory, capital markets advisory and mergers, and acquisitions advisory services.

Heading the KRyS Global office on 57th Street in Manhattan is Managing Director Grant Lyon, who previously led Odyssey Capital Group, LLC, a financial advisory firm with offices in New York and Phoenix.

Mr. Lyon’s background includes business and securities valuation, acquisitions and mergers, bankruptcy reorganizations and expert witness in litigation matters and bankruptcy matters.

“We believe we are uniquely positioned to assist clients in distressed situations”, said Mr. Lyon. “We offer a bespoke blend of advanced liability management strategies and extensive operational expertise, which will complement the existing services of KRyS Global.”

Kenneth Krys, founder and executive chairman of KRyS Global, said that by having a presence in New York, “we will now be in a better position to facilitate our clients offshore and onshore.

“To the extent there are bankruptcies needed onshore, particularly in conjunction with offshore liquidations, we can now assist in providing a seamless service across all jurisdictions.”

John Skelton from the Cayman Islands office will also move to New York.

“This is a very exciting time for KRyS Global,” said CEO Tim Ward, “as we continue to strengthen the connection and understanding between the onshore and offshore worlds and provide innovative solutions to complex situations.”

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