Sporting Stars will boost athletes

A fresh approach to promoting local sports hopes to build more national pride. 

The Cayman Islands National Gallery, the Cayman Islands National Museum, the Department of Sports and the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee are coming together to put on an exhibit titled “Sporting Stars.” It is expected to open on May 28 at the National Gallery. 

Olympic Committee chief operating officer Jennifer Powell – a former swimmer at the national level – says the exhibit will add to Cayman’s sporting heritage. 

“The Olympic Committee is funding this exhibition and we’ve assisted the National Museum in collecting memorabilia and information,” Powell said. “This exhibition will highlight the Olympic legacy of the Cayman Islands and it will be moved to the Olympic Committee office for the public once it closes, so it will become a permanent display of Olympism and the history of sport. 

“We’re delighted to partner with the National Museum and Olympic Solidarity to share this historical information with the sporting community and the general public.” 

According to documents from the National Museum, the exhibit will “celebrate the development of sport in the Cayman Islands and the star athletes and sporting personalities who have paved the way.” The plan is to showcase elite athletes like track queen Cydonie Mothersill-Stephens, boxer Charles Whittaker and the swimming Fraser brothers – Shaune and Brett – along with focus sports like football, netball and basketball. 

Mothersill-Stephens competed in five Olympic Games from 1996-2012, has won a 200 meters world championship bronze medal, and was the Commonwealth Games 200m champion four years ago. Between them, the Fraser brothers have competed in five Olympic Games and both look likely to qualify for the next Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.  

Whittaker is still a world class super-welterweight at 40 and has not lost hope of challenging for a world title. 

There will also be a children’s exhibit running alongside Sporting Stars titled “Play!” which the museum wants to use to get “kids of all ages active.” 

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Charles Whittaker is a dedicated fighter. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD

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