New ambulance for emergency unit

The Health Services Authority has purchased a new ambulance. 

Stephen Duval, manager of the Emergency Medical Services Unit, said there are five emergency vehicles on island; three are operational and on the road at any given time, and two are stationed as spares. 

The new ambulance will be used as one of the operational emergency vehicles and replaces an older vehicle, which will now be used as a spare when one of the operational ambulances require repairs or maintenance. 

“We always have three operational vehicles because there are three districts we are stationed at,” said Duval, adding that the spare vehicles are kept at the North Side District Health Centre and the West Bay District Health Centre. 

The EMS team is staffed with 28 people and receives an average of 12 calls per day with a combination of both emergency and non-emergency calls, said Mr. Duval. 

The ambulance, a Chevy 4500 Traumahawk, is similar to the models of the two operational vehicles. Mr. Duval said the vehicle’s exterior features more lights, which are maintenance-free LEDs, as well as additional high visibility graphics. 

“Inside there is improved access for patients entering and exiting the vehicle and better ergonomics for patients and staff, as well as mounted and secured equipment. There are also console navigational and communication systems, as well as a reverse camera. We were able to customize this vehicle to meet our needs, making this ambulance the best fit for our EMS unit,” he added. 

Health Minister Osbourne Bodden said, “This new purchase by the HSA means Grand Cayman is better covered when it comes to emergency response. Three ambulances serve the island with emergency medical stations located in West Bay, George Town and North Side. 

“This new ambulance will allow one of the older vehicles to now serve as a spare during required maintenance or when 
additional resources are needed.” 


The ambulance is a Chevy 4500 Traumahawk series similar to the other emergency vehicles.

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