St. Ignatius graduates see record results this year

Students at St. Ignatius celebrated their graduation last week in front of a packed hall of family, friends and members of the school and church community. 

A total of 63 Year 11 and Year 13 students received certificates reflecting the completion of their I/GCSE and A-Level programs. 

A record 13 Year 11 students graduated with honors. 

Kayla Elliott, who served as president of Key Club and starred in the school musical as well as winning subject prizes in English and Information Communications Technology, won the Chamber of Commerce sponsored student of the year award. 

Sean Whewell, who had the highest grade point average in the graduating class, won the Ernst and Young award for academic excellence 

Other award winners in Year 11 were Amber Smith and Aisha Stanuel-Taitte for fostering Christian ethos within the school; Lesli Tathum for sports and Alexandra Jennings for “greatest progress.” 

In Year 13, Andrew McBean and Danielle Booth shared the Chamber of Commerce Sixth Form Award for contribution to the life of the school. Prateek Jagadeesh and Ann-Alecia Moore shared the award for academic achievement, also sponsored by the chamber. 

Archbishop Nicola Girasoli, who presented all the students with their certificates, congratulated the graduates and their parents on achieving the milestone. 

Peter Embleton, head of secondary school, commended the students on receiving the top external examination results in the school’s history. 

Year 11 Honours Graduates – Class of 2014: 

  • Andrew Antonysraj 
  • Afiya Anyabwile 
  • Pablo Bertran 
  • Taurean Cox 
  • Michael Cummings 
  • Chloe Da Costa 
  • Kayla Elliott 
  • Stephanie Gunby 
  • Morgan McCartney 
  • Kory McLean 

The year 11 graduating group from St. Ignatius.