Students awarded bikes for sporting achievements

Students, teachers and volunteers at Sir John A. Cumber Primary School in West Bay marked the end of the school year on Friday with a ceremony that included the donation of bicycles to several students. 

Floyd Bush, 75, organized the donation of bicycles to the students, mostly for their achievements in the sporting arena – as he has done in previous years. 

At an assembly held at the Shirley Kidd Memorial Hall, the donation was one of numerous presentations to honor teachers, volunteers within the after-school program, and students for excellence in disciplines like netball. 

Jahrion Bodden, Arianna Ebanks, Peter Triana, Marion DaSilva, Daniel Wallace and Alexei McField were this year’s bike winners. Mr. Bush received financial help from a number of community members to make the donation possible, including Atlee Ebanks, West Bay MLA Capt. Eugene Ebanks, Gena Ebanks, Gary Rutty and Bridgette Kirkconnell (who supplied funding for two bikes). 

Mr. Bush, who has been making the bike donations for 15 consecutive years, said he felt a strong desire to maintain his connection to the school and his support for West Bay’s youth. He said it is important for the children, many of whom he felt came from “tough backgrounds,” to be inspired to engage in positive activities. 

He has been involved with the school for more than 30 years. He started out as the assistant football coach to the legendary Ed Bush – who is the namesake for the Ed Bush Sports Center football field in West Bay. From that experience, he would go on to help form Future Sports Club – along with the likes of West Bay MLA Bernie Bush and Arnold Hanni – in 1997.  

Mr. Bush then came up with the idea to start a bicycle reward program in 1999 that rewarded youngsters for excellence in sports and academics. 

Mr. Bush, father of Pilar and Nick Bush, is a former seaman who served for 21 years before retiring in 1980. Over the years, he has been honored by the Cayman Islands government for his work with the children of West Bay.  


Arianna Ebanks, Peter Triana, Marion DaSilva, Daniel Wallace and Alexei McField pose with their new bikes alongside Floyd Bush (third from left). – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES