Money raised for infants and preschoolers in need

More than 80 infants and preschoolers in need are being supplied with healthy lunches for the next seven months, thanks to a $26,000 donation from Cayman Heart Fund and the MaplesFS Community Service Committee. 

The funds were raised from the Heart Fund’s annual Discovery Day walk/run and were donated to the National Council of Voluntary Organizations Wednesday, and will go towards its meal program for kids at Miss Nadine’s Preschool and Jack and Jill Nursery. 

“The Cayman Heart fund decided to support the NCVO and we feel as though they have been underfunded,” said David Dinner, chairman of the Cayman Heart Fund. 

“The meal program that they have is especially near and dear to the Cayman Heart Fund’s heart because of the fact that early childhood nutrition is so important in the ongoing lifelong fight against cardiovascular disease,” he said. 

NCVO’s Program Director Alta Bodden said the meal program offers healthy lunches to kids from underprivileged families and single income families.  

“Our main objective is to help those people in need so our fees are very low and subsidized by NCVO, and the meals are cooked in house and approved by the George Town nutritionist to make sure we have a balanced meal for the children,” she said. 

The Cayman Heart fund’s annual Discovery Day Walk Run on May 19 raised $33,000 with the help of MaplesFS Community Service Committee’s donation of $30,000. The Heart Fund used $9,000 of the funds to purchase cardiac probes for the neonatal children’s ward at the George Town Hospital and the rest of the funds went the NCVO’s meal program. 

“Lunches in schools is always an issue so whenever we can put the resources where they need to go we’re happy to do that,” said Stacy Foster of MaplesFS. 

NCVO also provides free healthy lunches to 31 local primary and high school students through its “Caring Cousin’s” lunch program. 

“I’m really grateful the community came out and supported the Heart Fund walk/run. They have enabled us to take care of a big part of our community through the donation that they’ve given,” said Ms. Bodden. 


Miss Nadine’s Preschool students enjoying a hot lunch. – PHOTO: SAMANTHA BONHAM

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